It was important to start with an identity that connected how I want to approach our work and the experience we will create for our clients. The qualities of transparency and openness are especially important to me—and, so, when the time came to name our new firm, we focused on sunlight as a theme. Apricus is a Latin word meaning sunny, sunshine, or warmed by the sun. Apricus Wealth will give our people the time and space needed to be transparent, open, and helpful to you and to all of our clients.

I have two sisters and one brother. My parents taught us how to live through their example. My Mom has spent her life giving to others—whether it was the elderly, new arrivals to our country, or people with disabilities and illnesses. Even at 86, Mom still finds time and ways to be helpful and inclusive. My Dad devoted his life to our family and spent most nights and weekends taking care of our home and cars. In 2019, complications from Alzheimer’s disease took our Dad, but up to the very end, we had our hands full trying to convince him that it was not a good idea to climb on a ladder and clean the gutters. These values of productive work and service, passed down by Mom and Dad, are the foundation of Apricus Wealth.

Our house near Philadelphia had a steep, east-facing hill behind it and I have vivid memories of my Dad, having worked for most of the weekend, sitting on the hill with our dog Holly, in the sunshine sharing lunch. In my memory, Dad is leaning back on his elbows, face to the sky, satisfied with his accomplishments, soaking in the warmth of the sun and Holly’s company. This contented picture of Dad—warm, confident, and at peace—is how I remember him. It is this picture of contentment, warmth, confidence, and safety that is my hope for all people and especially our clients and friends.

Why I started Apricus

I started Apricus Wealth LLC for one simple reason. I wanted to create a firm that has 100% alignment and transparency with our clients. I believe the best way to create alignment is to develop personal connections with every client. This requires discipline in setting goals, thoughtfulness around how a firm is constructed, and commitment to hiring the right people. I believe that when a person or a family entrusts a firm with their life savings, they have the right to be face-to-face with the entire team. Being available, accountable, and transparent are non-negotiable.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have deep personal relationships with my clients and there is no question in my mind that personal connections change how a firm operates. It is these personal connections between clients and management, analysts, and operations staff that give meaning to everyone’s role.