We will listen to you. We want to know about your aspirations, your responsibilities, and your challenges. We will understand what role your financial assets play in your life, how they support you and contribute to your happiness.  We consider taxes, your need for cash flow and appreciation, your investment time horizons, legal circumstances, other sources of income, and your ability to bear risk.

From our conversations, we will develop a set of recommendations for today and the future. We expect those recommendations to adapt over time to your changing circumstances.

When appropriate, we will help organize and simplify your financial life. We will look at your cash flow, account structure, estate plan, and other areas and offer suggestions to you. We believe unnecessary complexity inhibits understanding, fosters doubt, and hinders progress toward goals.

We will coordinate with your attorney, accountant, and other advisors. We will create and share to-do lists, track our progress, and report as needed. While we will schedule regular reviews, we are available to speak whenever you need to have a conversation.