Apricus Wealth LLC is a 100% employee-owned wealth advisor and investment manager. We pair a highly personal and confidential advisory practice for a select group of clients with an institutional-grade approach to investment management. We are transparent, confidential, focused.

Personal Financial Advice

Our advisory practice is built around person-to-person relationships. We find that conversations help us understand what matters to you more completely than questionnaires and checklists. We will reach agreement on what is important and we will offer suggestions to make your financial life simpler and more organized around a long-term plan that makes sense to you.  To do this, we use the acronym ROAD to guide our conversations.

  • Relate and understand
  • Organize and simplify
  • Agree on achievable goals
  • Deliver and review

Investment Management

We manage an institutional-grade equity investment process delivering customizable income-centric outcomes. Our investors understand the value of investing in high quality, shareholder-rewarding companies. Our investment process is rigorous, disciplined, and repeatable.

We utilize our Four Pillars Process which emphasizes:

  • Quantitative screening for favorable operating characteristics
  • Qualitative review of reputation and competitive position
  • Our proprietary valuation template methodology
  • Portfolio construction as a source of risk mitigation

It’s Personal

Personal relationships are the foundation of APRICUS WEALTH

  • We are selective about the people we advise
  • We are purposeful about building understanding
  • We personally invest alongside our clients

Code of Ethics

We abide by The CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.


Why Income Matters

Portfolio income is the first source of portfolio return and, in our opinion, the most predictable.


Enduring Businesses

Successful long-term investment is dependent on the quality of the underlying business.